Women’s leadership in the transition to low-carbon economies

Cambodian fruit seller, courtesy of Tony Mendez

Gender equality is proving necessary to successful adaptation to climate change and the transition to low-carbon economies, not least because it unleashes women’s leadership. How are women leading in the transition to greener economies as heads of enterprises, organisations and community-led initiatives? How can solutions build from the household up and consider the unequal burden that women often bear as primary caregivers? How can today’s promising innovations secure a truly sustainable future on a global scale? 

IDRC's Erin Tansey moderated a session at the 2022 Conference of Montreal which explored these questions with three GLOW project representatives:

  • Lykke Andersen - Executive Director, Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), Bolivia
  • Amy Melissa Chua - Country Director, Philippines Partnership for Sustainable Agriculture (PPSA), Philippines
  • Divine Foundjem Tita - Marketing Scientist, World Agroforestry Centre, Cameroon

Watch the recording below.